How to Use References When Hiring

We take hiring seriously. Knowing how important it is to find the right power to fuel the success of Alpha Concepts, we rely on intensive recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes. Of course, checking references is one of our go-to strategies. We’re quite careful about how we gather candidate information.

For instance, we always ask about the relationships between the reference and the applicant. Whether the reference was a boss or a colleague, or is perhaps a friend, knowing the connection gives us context with which we can assess the insights they share with us.

It’s also important to confirm the details provided on the candidate’s résumé. This includes dates of employment, job title, and responsibilities. This is the perfect segue for asking about work performance, work ethic, and accountability. What we hear tells us how the prospective hire may perform in an Alpha Concepts role.

With the questions about performance come inquiries about strengths and weaknesses, and what it was like to perform with the person or people at hand. We’re eager to learn about personality, communication skills, and ability to work with others. This knowledge sheds light on the individual’s potential for cultural fit. Asking the reference if there’s anything else he or she would like to share is a nice way to wrap things up.

This approach to checking references helps us gather valuable insight. Follow Alpha Concepts on [Twitter] to find out about our next hiring initiative.